Karen James


Live with Purpose. Fast-talking, funny and pulling no punches, Karen James is a Jersey girl turned social entrepreneur, author and speaker, who has risen through the ranks of the global corporate world while honoring her most important role in life: being a proud single mother and humanitarian.

Characterized by informed and infectious energy, with a great sense of humor, Karen pours her unique career and life experience into energetic keynote presentations. From innovation to transformation to community building, Karen’s global career brings something for everyone.

Karen has fixed networks connecting to North Sea oil rigs, designed and implemented a 600-seat virtual service center for the Commonwealth Bank and turned a $9M business into a $100M business early on in her career – setting the tone for her professional future: Have purpose, build the right culture, and bring in amazing leaders who are, above all, human.

Karen co-created Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s Corporate Financial Services' Vision and Leadership program with The Hunger Project and McKinsey, operating in it's fifth year with measured outcomes including client advocacy, McKinsey Organisational Health Index (OHI) and KPIs. Annual program includes an immersion trip to India where we are the students at the feet of village women who are leaders and change agents.

Karen earned B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Environmental Engineering.


  • Women Power: Creating Empowering Work Environments for Women
  • Create, Disrupt and Innovate: How Constructive Communities and Transformative Leaders Build a Better World
  • On Purpose: Why Great Leaders Start with PLOT
  • Karen's Personal Story: Defining Moments and Better Outcomes

Ideal for: Information Technology groups, Financial/Investment and banking institutions, Women's Business and Advocacy groups.