Mary Ellen Weber


Reach for the Stars As an astronaut, scientist, skydiver, speaker and consultant, Mary Ellen Weber, PhD, brings compelling insights and amazing experiences to audiences across the planet.

A NASA astronaut for ten years, Weber flew on two Space Shuttle flights including one to the International Space Station. She received the NASA Exceptional Service Medal and continues her involvement with NASA, advising its leadership on future technologies as part of a select NASA Advisory Council committee. Weber also consults with a diverse range of clientele in strategic communications and leadership strategies for high-risk operations.

As an active skydiver for the past 30+ years, Weber has completed over 5,000 skydives, and earned 20 medals at the U.S. National Skydiving Championships to date and a world record. She has excelled at overcoming challenges in multiple endeavors, all of which informs the unique perspectives she brings as an engaging and acclaimed speaker. Serving as witness before the U.S. Senate and traveling throughout the world on behalf of the U.S. State Department, she has also been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences, panel guest on CNN, co-host of a town meeting with a U.S. Vice President, host of a show on NASA TV, corporate speaking coach, frequent guest on BBC radio and Dallas TV news, where she resides.


  • To Boldly Go: Excelling in high risk situations
  • STEM Unscripted: A new approach to the pursuit of science
  • What It's Really Like: The journey to space...and what's next

Ideal for: Business and women's conferences and programs focused on STEM education.